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Thank you 2018, next;

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

    I’m taking a minute to reflect upon my 2018.  Last year was a year full of challenges, obstacles, and curve balls. I’ve had many new beginnings and goodbyes, I’ve loved, and I’ve lost. I found something so pure that came to an end.  I explored, I adventured my heart out. 

   I traveled.  I saw so many new sights and felt so many new feelings.  All within the year I felt a mixture of euphoric happiness, hurt, strength, brokenness, and more.  Through the ride, I wish I remembered to breath and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.  I wish I allowed myself to stay positive on the lowest days and fight through the hurt.  People come and go from your life for a reason.  Pay attention to those who leave an impact.  Listen to music.  Dance. Smell the flowers.  Get lost in nature. 

     Find your happiness. The constant ups and downs are not worth your sanity.  Why worry?  In 2019, I will take the time to take care of myself, my happiness and my goals.  I will be there for the most important ones and stay true to those who have to me.  I will be me.  Together we will fall back in love with life, and continue to work hard to accomplish our goals and dreams.  Don’t

sit on it.  2018 was a testing year, a learning year, and most importantly, a reminder to re-ground myself and not stress about what I can’t control.  Let this year be full of positive vibes, strength, love, and happiness.  Be you and the world will love you for it.

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