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Love Your Reflection - Worlds Mental Health Day

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans struggle every day with mental health issues of their own?

I struggle being confident in my own skin, and knowing for sure who I am.  I’ve struggled with finding myself and being happy, and curate healthy habits. I’ve struggled with maintaining relationships and accepting love. I have struggled to accept loving myself. I worry about the future, I get reminded often of the past. That alters my present.

      The thing that sucks? Even when you think you've beat it, it’s still there and it jabs you at any time without warning.  You think you have already hit an all time low, and you wont ever reach that point again. But just like the blink of an eye, poof! There is now a new road block and obstacle course to get through, with yet again, no map for guidance. It can be so exhausting, confusing, frustrating, draining, and scary. Some days we cannot get out of bed and conquer the day as we should. It gets the best of us.

      Mental health is something that is so common yet we are still embarrassed to come out about it and feel so vulnerable. We are scared to feel the way we feel because we are afraid of judgement and being misunderstood. The truth of it is, we are normal.  Every single person is like a snowflake.  We’re built different with a different life to tell a story.  We’re here to make an impact. We’re here to inspire and be inspired. We are here to be ourselves and love the process.  We are afraid to open up because we think no one will understand, heck we barley understand ourselves! But we often forget that so many other people around us are feeling the same way and for as crazy or horrible you feel, it is common.

      Unfortunately, our mental health often alters our lifestyle because we are too caught up in how we feel. This world can feel so lonely at times even with 7 billion others around us. The world can feel so dark even at the brightest time of the day.  Sometimes we feel we’re running out air to breath while oxygen surrounds us. 

It’s okay to not be okay.  And it’s okay to talk about it. You are not alone.

      Through all of my struggles, the good days leave me feeling grateful and happy that my mind has taught me to be strong and fight harder than I ever would have. I am still learning more about myself every day, and dealing with my mind and my body. It is so important to be gentle with yourself, because beating yourself up does more damage than accepting and understanding yourself, to heal.

I'd be lying if I said my days have been easy. 5 years and some days are just as captivating as they used to be. I am no expert, but this subject speaks loudly to me and I feel so strongly about this awareness.

A few tips for anyone struggling with themselves and mental health are;

  1. Its okay to feel the way you are feeling. Please do not feel ashamed. Be kind to yourself.

  2. Please do not look for answers in someone else or rely on them to save you. You can only help yourself. You need to want to be helped and work towards it in order to feel better, and take small steps at a time to reach your goals.

  3. As agitated, frustrated, sad, angry, or any emotion you may feel, try not to lash out on your loved ones. They may not fully understand what you are dealing with, but talking to them so they can try to understand and help is so important. Bottling in emotions and feelings only create a buildup, which makes you feel everything at once and feel bombarded with emotions.

  4. Continue doing things that make you happy. Chances are while dealing with what you have going on in your head, you have strayed from doing the things that you love most. For example, I love music and I adore finding new songs - I find when I am feeling so off, I fall in a funk where it is hard to break out of. Sometimes you need to force yourself to do what you love to find enjoyment.

  5. Promote healthy habits. Appetites can be either suppressed or increased while dealing with mental health. A healthy relationship with food will help your head think clearly. Drinking water can help heal you so much. Try to break from bad habits that you know are hurting you.

  6. Support others and they will support you. Be happy to see others succeed and be happy, and it will come back around.


Every day is a Mental Health Awareness day. It is time we rise together, lend a helping hand and stand up to what cuts so deeply. No one knows what is happening in another ones head.

Love Your Reflection. I advise everyone to love their reflection and accept the #LoveYourReflectionChallenge #LoveYourReflection . Give yourself some extra love, you deserve it. Don't forget to smile today :)

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