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Art in Books; Power in Knowledge

      What do books mean to you? Are they relaxing? Dreadful? Fun and exciting? I want you to stop and think for a second what they mean to you.

      I find it amazing that, in a world where everything can be found digitally, information, notes, facts, laughs, pictures, tears, doodles, and more have been passed along for years and years.

     I personally have never enjoyed reading long novels or stories. I have a hard time staying focused and short sweet books always won me over. I found my love for books while reading poetry.

To me poetry helps heal the broken and inspire the sad. It gives new perspective to the positive ones and talks with wistful, deep passion.

Shockingly enough, my love for poetry, and my degree in graphic design collided when a friend of mine asked me to do her cover for her poetry book "Three A.M. Whispers". 

At first we just dabbled with the idea, which turned into designing the layout and illustrating the cover for her book. (Book available on amazon: or type in Kelsey Kirkendall, Ilaria Schiano, or "Three A.M. Whispers" )

"Take a journey through a mental abyss filled with passions and desires. While finding strength in your most vulnerable moments and fighting with lonely nights, but seeing the light at the end of it all." - Ilaria Schiano

      Before this photo shoot, I had come across some old books from college that are so very thick and hefty. The tree hugger in me just could not bring myself to throw them out. One in particular was a book for my 3D animation class, using Lightwave. This book had over a thousand pages in it. There was just no need for it anymore, I will never read it, I didn't even read it when I was in the class. As I said I just cannot focus on a giant textbook. So what better than to take a photo shoot with the pages from the book?

My mission for this photoshoot and blog post is to inspire you to feel cozy and pick up a book. Pick up a book and get some fun socks on, lay back on the couch and read some. Educate yourself on something you have wanted to learn. Venture out and try getting into some other styles of books. Allow yourself to relax. Ask a friend for recommendations on some good books. Talk about them. Keep the paper books alive.

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