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Adventure With Me

If you are anything like me, you long for days of adventuring. You feel restless between traveling and exploring, and your soul needs its next source of excitement.

BUT. We all know that with traveling comes time, money, and working with schedules together to make things work. So what do we do then?

Adventuring does not have to be out in another country or state every time! Traveling could be within your own state, believe me there is so much you have not seen yet! Where do you begin?

I am from a small town, in one of the smallest of states; Connecticut. What is there to do in little old CT? Most would say nothing!

Adventures are everywhere around us we just have to be open to finding it! The views we see make us realize how small we are in spectrum of this big world. The animal life we live with keep us aware, that we are all one in this world. We are connected. We meet someone new everywhere we go. Our sun provides us vitamins and the storms provide water which create life.

Maybe we can't always find the money or time to travel far, and that is okay. But the Earth and mother nature give us the opportunity each day to see something new and adventure. Fuel your soul. Find happiness. Breathe in clean air. Drink water from a waterfall. Be yourself. You are beautiful.

Naugatuck State Forest

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